Child support payments are mandated when one parent has primary custody of a child after divorce in Wyoming.

These payments are binding by law on the parent without custody and are presumed to go towards things like clothing, education and housing. If you believe that your former spouse is using these payments for things other than Child Support, or if your ex has cancelled paying Child Support, you should contact a Child Support lawyer in Lander Wyoming.

Lander Expert Child Support Lawyers

Generally, lawyers who practice in Child Support are great at negotiating. These attorneys are customarily called upon by former spouses to settle controversies that have arisen between them.

Furthermore, Child Support lawyers in Lander are sometimes called upon to fight the amount granted, or to seek enforcement of the award.

A Child Support attorney in Lander, Wyoming can help you with your Child Support predicaments.

Wyoming Child Support Lawyers Are Available to Make Sure Your Children Are Financially Guarded

It often happens that one party who has been mandated to make child support payments loses his or her job, and as a result cannot continue making the payments. When this happens, it would be sensible to contact a Lander Child Support lawyer as quickly as you can, to protect the economic interests of yourself and your child.