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What Can a Family Law Attorney Do?

Family law attorneys handle a wide range of issues, from divorce to adoption they can help you no matter what kind of changes are happening in your family. They can help you petition for child custody, file for spousal support, or challenge paternity. There is so much at stake when it comes to your family. But the right family law attorney can help each step of the way!

How Do I Choose the Right Family Law Attorney?

Not all family law attorneys are made equal! So how do you find the right one? Are they familiar with cases like yours? Family law is such a broad field, so it's important that your attorney is familiar and has experience with cases like your situation. Are their clients happy with the outcome? Reading client reviews can help you determine which lawyer is best for you.

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No matter what problem you are facing in family law, a LegalMatch attorney can help. Just submit your case to our system and a local LegalMatch attorney will be notified. If they want to take on your case, then you can read their reviews and pick the best one for you!

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Family Law Attorney?

Price per hour

AVERAGE COST: $175 - $350

Family law is a broad topic and depending on the the issue, can last a few months to a few years.

Commonly Asked Questions Relating to Family Law

How Much Will a Child Custody Lawyer Cost?

Child custody can be very expensive and take a long time. What costs should you keep in mind? Are there any hidden costs? Find out here!

Child Custody Laws Between Unmarried Parents

Child custody is tricky, but what if you're not married? How is child custody decided between unmarried parents? Learn about it here!

Back Child Support Laws

What happens if you're late with child support? What's the first step you should take if you owe child support? Read about that here!

How Can I Get My Child Support Lowered?

Are you paying too much for child support? DId you lose your job and can't keep up with payments? Find out how to lower your them here.

How Much Will a Divorce Lawyer Cost?

Filing for divorce is hard. It's also expensive. How much will it cost? What should you be ready to pay for? Read all about it here.

Spousal Support or Alimony Lawyers

How do you apply for spousal support? Is it the same thing as alimony? Does it matter how long you're married? Learn about it here!

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"They had options that could get my case pushed through fast. I was convinced by the number of phone numbers available. Three attorneys responded promptly. It was unbelievable!" - Cyndie from Seattle, WA

"I was surprised by the prompt responses from many LegalMatch attorneys. Before choosing an attorney, I knew the cost of everything and my attorney had my case defense ready to go." - Chris G. from San Carlos, CA

"Our attorney eased our stress when he explained his background in detail and he was genuinely concerned about our situation." - Candi V. from AZ

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LegalMatch Family Law Lawyer Thomas R.

Thomas R.

Family Law

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LegalMatch Family Law Lawyer Richard F.

Richard F.

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Family Law

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LegalMatch Family Law Lawyer Joel C.

Joel C.

Family Law

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LegalMatch Family Law Lawyer Sheryl D.

Sheryl D.

Cook County - Chicago, IL

Family Law

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