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Child custody arrangements are not unmodifiable. When the parent with primary custody is relocated for work, falls ill, gets arrested, or experiences some other unexpected difficulty, a court will often consider changing the Custody plan. If this happens to you, you should find a qualified West Jordan Child Custody lawyer to make arguments to the court as to why the arrangement should be modified.

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To make sure the divorce and custody arrangements take as little toll as possible on your children you should find the most qualified West Jordan Child Custody attorney to work on your case. Because it is possible to change or modify the original arrangement you need to make sure it is done right the first time around. Find the best Utah Child Custody lawyer for your situation before it is too late.

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Life in West Jordan

West Jordan is located in the heart of Salt Lake Valley in Utah.  It is part of Salt Lake County and has a growing population of about 76,000 people.  The city was settled as early as 1848 and relied mostly on agriculture and mining to create its economic base.

Today, West Jordan is one of the most rapidly growing cities in Utah and a major suburb of Salt Lake City.  Its recent growth may be attributed to residential expansion as well as commercial development.  The city currently boasts four different retail centers, the largest being the Jordan Landing complex.  Due to its population boom, future plans for West Jordan include expansion of its railways and commuting freeways.

West Jordan is an immensely popular destination for persons seeking local festivities, such as the Fourth of July Western Stampede held every year.  Also, the city's Arts Council sponsors numerous culture events and activities.  The Schorr Art Gallery and the Sugar Factory Playhouse house many art exhibits and shows.

Lawyers in West Jordan, Utah are known for their commitment to excellence and service.  West Jordan lawyers usually file their claims at the West Jordan City Justice Court or at the Salt Lake County West Jordan District Court.  Many of them are also members of the Salt Lake County Bar Association in addition to the Utah State Bar. 

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