Paternity is a complex and confusing area of law. These laws are aimed at proving fatherhood whether biological or otherwise. The lawyers specializing in Paternity in South Carolina know the details and can assist you in proving who the legal father of your child is.

Laws of Paternity in Surfside Beach South Carolina Surfside Beach, South Carolina

The laws often state that if a man has acknowledged a child as his own, even if he is not the biological father, that this can be enough to determine legal paternity. Lawyers in South Carolina can help you get a legal judgment and establish the father of your child. Surfside Beach Paternity Attorneys are ready to defend your legal rights.

There Are Many Great Paternity Attorneys in South Carolina

Because establishing a child's legal father can lead to other outcomes, like Child Support, it is important that you find an experienced Paternity lawyer. Surfside Beach Contact a Paternity lawyer today to assist you in your court proceeding.