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Colorado Family Lawyers If you're wanting a family law attorney in Colorado then you've come to the right place. Whether you're getting married, going through a divorce, or dealing with a child custody or visitation issue, Legalmatch can help you find the right Colorado family law attorney for your individual case.

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Family Law In Colorado

"Family Law" can refer to a varied range of legal areas, all of which deal, in some form, with the laws that affect family relationships. It includes things like marriage, divorce, child custody, and all the accompanying legal issues.

Family law in Colorado is handled by private attorneys who frequently, but not always, practice it exclusively.

Colorado Family Law attorneys frequently charge an hourly fee for their services. Before signing any fee agreement with your Colorado Family Law attorney, you should make sure that you clearly understand its contents.

The Family Law Attorneys in Colorado Can assist

Whether you are getting married, trying to work out a child visitation agreement, or attempting to adopt a child in Colorado, the appropriate Colorado Family Law Attorney can make a big difference.

Interesting Facts About Colorado

Colorado is named after the multi-colored banks of the Colorado River. Its nickname is "The Centennial State", since it achieved statehood on the centennial year of the U.S. Declaration of Independence (1876). Former President Gerald Ford was from Colorado, as was U.S. Supreme Court Justice Byron R. White.

Colorado lawyers usually assist clients at the trial court level in either the County Court system or the District Court system. Appeals are heard at Colorado's Court of Appeals or at the Colorado Supreme Court. Colorado also has a unique system of 7 different Water Courts, which preside over cases involving water rights and water usage. The Colorado Supreme Court has tried many infamous cases such as Kobe Bryant's 2003 assault case in Eagle County.

Colorado is also known for its immensely complex body of tax laws. This is due to the fact that Colorado operates over 3,000 different districts, each with individual taxing authority. Such districts include regulation over education, water, transportation, and other services. In Colorado, the sales tax rates may be different even from street to street.

Lawyers in Colorado have experience in dealing with the state's network of laws. Colorado lawyers work to provide clients with outstanding services and legal advice. You may contact an attorney in Colorado if you need help filing a lawsuit or if you need answers to legal questions.

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