Waco Family Lawyers

Waco Family Lawyers

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Family Law in Waco

Family law in Texas is handled mainly by private attorneys who practice in this area of law.

Private attorneys in Waco use an hourly fee structure for their Family Law cases. This means that you and your attorney will agree on an fee that you will pay for each hour spent working on the case. In addition, you will probably have to pay a retainer fee which will be used to cover the lawyer's travel and court costs. If there is any remaining of your retainer fee after your situation has been resolved, you will be refunded that portion. Waco Family Law lawyers can help you with various areas of Family Law.

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Family law attorneys are adroit in areas such as divorce, adoptions, child custody and more. Texas, Family Law attorneys can aid you the most when they have as much time as possible to review your case.

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Life in Waco

Waco is home to approximately 234,906 people.  Located in McLennan County, Texas, Waco lies near the Brazos River and is between Dallas and Austin.

Being near two of Texas's largest cities, Waco residents have available to them the large legal force in Dallas and Austin.  Many small, mid-size, and large law firms are located near Waco and train attorneys in all areas of practice.

Alongside the legal industry, top employers include Baylor University, L-3 Communications, Wal-Mart, Sanderson Farms, Inc., the school districts, and Hillcrest Health System. 

Downtown Waco is a fun area filled with great shopping and dining.  Also, Downtown Waco is were Dr. Pepper was invented!  The famous Dr. Pepper Museum is therefore located in Downtown.  Other popular attractions include the west banks of the Brazos River, Baylor University, and the Cameron Park Zoo. 

All in all, Waco is a great place filled with friendly residents, history, and comfortable living. 

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Anthony R.

Mclennan, TX

Real Estate, Housing & Property Law

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LegalMatch Medical Malpractice Lawyer Tamara S.

Tamara S.

Mclennan, TX

Medical Malpractice

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Jeff R.

Hudspeth, TX

Family Law

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LegalMatch Family Law Lawyer Rex M.

Rex M.

Grayson, TX

Family Law

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