Paternity laws can vary from state to state, but the overall goal of each is to identify the legal father of a minor. Paternity attorneys in Ohio can represent your interests in a Paternity lawsuit.

Paternity Laws in Columbiana Ohio Columbiana, Ohio

Legal Paternity is different from biological paternity and often a man's acknowledgement of the child as his own can be enough to establish legal paternity. Paternity experts in Ohio can help you get a legal judgment and establish the father of your child. Columbiana Paternity Lawyers are waiting to aid you.

There Are Many Great Paternity Attorneys in Ohio

Often a paternity case does not end at finding the father. Issues relating to Child Support also come up making it all the more important that you find a Paternity Lawyer. Columbiana Contact a Paternity lawyer today to assist you in your court proceeding.