If one parent in a divorce gets primary custody of the children, then the other parent is often required to pay Child Support in Minnesota.

Such payments are designed to help the spouse with primary custody pay for the basic necessities for the children, such as food, clothing, education, and medical expenses. If you are having problems getting child support from your ex-spouse, or if you believe that your required child support payments are excessive, you should contact a child support attorney in St. Paul Park Minnesota.

St. Paul Park Qualified Child Support Lawyers

Child Support lawyers generally work as a mediator between spouses as well as work with the judge who is sitting on the case. The court usually asks to see a full financial report of each parent before determining Child Support.

Furthermore, Child Support lawyers in St. Paul Park are sometimes called upon to challenge the amount awarded, or to seek enforcement of the award.

A Child Support lawyer in St. Paul Park, Minnesota can help you with your child support questions.

Minnesota Child Support Attorneys Can Make Sure Your Income is Protected

If your former spouse has stopped making Child Support payments in Minnesota, you have the legal right to enforce these payments. A Child Support lawyer can help you go to court in order to get the payments that your children are entitled to. However, it is best to contact a St. Paul Park Child Support attorney to make sure matters do not become more complicated than they need to be.