Indio Child Support Lawyers

Indio Child Support Lawyers

Child Support is the amount of money that a parent is ordered by law to pay the spouse who retains primary custody of the children in California.

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Child Support payments are legally enforceable by a court issued order. The parent without primary custody is normally compelled to help pay for expenses of the children like food, clothing, housing, education and medical treatment. If you believe that your former spouse is using these payments for other unauthorized purposes, you should contact a Child Support lawyer in Indio California.

Indio Child Support Lawyers

Child support lawyers regularly work as a mediator between former spouses, and can work with the judge to help the parties come to a mutually-acceptable agreement. The court will usually ask to see a financial report from each parent before granting Child Support.

As well, Child Support attorneys in Indio often are called upon to either challenge these payments, or to try to enforce them.

A Child Support lawyer in Indio, California can help you with your child support matters.

California Child Support Lawyers Are There to Make Sure Your Children Are Financially Protected

If you are experiencing fiscal problems, Child Support lawyers in California will help you reduce yoru required payments by demonstrating your new situation to the court. Additionally, these lawyers can help you enforce Child Support payments from a parent who refuses to coopoerate. Whatever the case may be, you should call a Indio Child Support lawyer as soon as you can, to protect the financial interests of yourself and your child.

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