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Deciding who gets custody of the children during a divorce can be one of the most complicated things for a parent and the court to do. A skilled Child Custody lawyer in Opelika can make everything flow smoothly. A court will always base its decision on the best interests of the child, not the needs of either parent, when making a Child Custody decision There are several factors that a court will consider in administering this decision, such as the child's age, health, and the financial situation of the parents.

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It is often necessary to go to court to change or nullify a Child Custody arrangement. Perhaps the parent with primary custody has become ill or is moving out of the country. In this matter, you want a Opelika Child Custody attorney to help you.

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Because you want the best for your offspring, you need the top Opelika Child Custody attorney possible. Some may tell you that it does not matter because child custody awards can be adjusted at a later time, but these proceedings can take years to get through. Make sure that your kids come first, find a fantastic Alabama Child Custody lawyer for your problem before it is too late.

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