The laws and issues surrounding Paternity are rather complex and differ from state to state. The purpose of the laws are the same - to establish a child's legal father. The Paternity lawyers in Washington can represent you in court if you need to file a Paternity Action.

Hoquiam, Washington Paternity Laws Hoquiam, Washington

The laws often state that if a man has acknowledged a child as his own, even if he is not the biological father, that this can be enough to determine legal paternity. Lawyers in Washington can help you get a legal judgment and establish the father of your child. Hoquiam Paternity attorneys are ready to defend your legal rights.

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Often a paternity case does not end at finding the father. Issues relating to Child Support also come up making it all the more important that you find a Paternity Lawyer. Hoquiam Contact a Paternity lawyer today to assist you in your court proceeding.