Child custody is one of the most contentious aspects of a divorce. An experienced and skilled child custody attorney in Carbondale can help with this process. A court always considers the child's interests when concluding which parent should get primary custody, or to award joint custody. There are many factors that a court will consider in making this evaluation such as the child's age and the health and economic status of the parents.

Carbondale Experts in Child Custody Laws

Child custody arrangements are not unmodifiable. When the parent with primary custody is relocated for work, falls ill, gets arrested, or experiences some other unexpected difficulty, a court will often consider changing the Custody plan. If this happens to you, you should find a seasoned Carbondale Child Custody attorney to help you.

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Because you want the best for your offspring, you need the best Carbondale Child Custody attorney possible. Some may tell you that it does not matter because child custody awards can be adjusted at a later time, but these proceedings can take years to get through. Make sure that your kids come first, find a fantastic Pennsylvania Child Custody attorney before time runs out.