Paternity laws are frequently different depending upon which state you reside in and can have varying legal consequences. At their core, these laws are designed to establish a child's legal father. The Paternity lawyers in Louisiana know the details and can aid you in proving who the legal father of your offspring is.

St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana Laws Relating to Paternity St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana

Legal Paternity is different from biological paternity and regularly a man's acknowledgement of the child as his own can be enough to establish legal paternity. Paternity experts in Louisiana can help you get a legal determination that identifies the father of your kid. This often means that you will be required to go to court. St. Tammany Parish Paternity lawyers are waiting to aid you.

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If you think that your are not a child's legal father, you need to defend your rights. St. Tammany Parish Paternity lawyers are here to help you, but they have a better chance of strongly defending you the earlier you act.