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Child custody is one of the most contentious elements of a divorce. An experienced and proficient child custody attorney in Scranton can make everything flow smoothly. A court will always base its decision on the best interests of the child, not the interests of either parent, when making a Child Custody decision There are several factors that a court will consider in reaching this decision, such as the child's age, health, and the financial situation of the parents.

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When there is a change in the circumstances of a parent or child, it becomes necessary to reform the original agreement to better reflect the new situation. In such cases you should look for a superior Scranton Child Custody attorney to make arguments to the court as to why the arrangement should be adjusted.

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Because you want the best for your children, you need the perfect Scranton Child Custody lawyer possible to handle your case. Although these custody awards can be amended later on, any time you are ordered to be away from your children can be disheartening. You need to find the best Pennsylvania Child Custody lawyer before time runs out.

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Life in Scranton

Scranton is located in the northeast region of Pennsylvania.  It is in Lackawanna County, with a population of 76,089 people. 

An interesting fact is that Scranton is one of the largest former anthracite coal mining communities.  Other such communities include Wilkes-Barre, Pittston, and Carbondale. 

Some popular attractions include the Scranton Iron Furnaces, The Elecric City Trolley Museum, The Lackawanna Coal Mine at McDade Park, Everhart Museum, Terency Powderly's House, The Houdini Museum, Sno Mountain Ski Resort, and the Masonic Temple. 

Scranton is also home to many law offices and small firms that provide legal services in all areas.  Residents and businesses can therefore remain rest assured because they do not need to travel far for their legal matters to be handled.

Past famous residents include Bob Degen, Judy McGrath, Alex Grass, Bill O'Reilly, B.F. Skinner, Melanie Smith, and Lizabeth Scott.

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